A word from our Worshipful Master…

Summer is here and I find myself half way though my year in the East. It has been eventful, busy, and most especially rewarding! We have held 2 EA degrees 2 FC degrees and an outdoor MM degree that was pretty cool. In a very special setting we raised 2 brothers for Coastal and 2 more as a courtesy for our Oxoboxo Brothers. 

RWB Jim Perkins from Union 31 stepped in on short notice and put on a nice Steak dinner. Perhaps the more memorable part of the event was closing lodge by candlelight. I had to guess when the SR Deacon was closing the Bible. I couldn’t see him. If you missed it, rumor has it the SR Warden (who graciously hosted us at his farm) is considering a sequel next year! Our JR Warden demonstrated his EA degree proficiency by sitting in the East for the 8th district JR Wardens night held at Bayview. He was superlative in his ritual work and leadership. I was able to visit our brothers at Somerset St. James in Norwich, where I heard an interesting presentation on Masonry in Germany put on by Axel Mahlke of WM of Brainard 102. Their annual dues are ~ $900 per year! I also was joined by RWB John Plante and WB Fred Driscoll in Marching in the St. Johns Parade in Colchester. I had hoped to see more from Coastal, but we presented a good face of Masonry to the Public. 

 Looking forward, I will be on vacation the first week of July and the SR Warden will be in charge. I hear he has a Hawaiian Shirt night on the agenda for July 2nd. Come sit in lodge and show your best Hula… er Aloha wear! I also have decreed ( I always wanted to say that) that our dress for stated communications during the summer months is relaxed business casual, except for degree nights. 

On July 4th I am asking for a large turn out to support the National Sojourners in carrying the Stonington Battle Flag in the annual Parade. Meet RWB John Plante at 9 AM in the Borough. Dark Suit, aprons and Jewels. July 16th you will have another chance to witness a special degree. We will be running an EA in the summer. But THAT is not what makes it special….We will starting a Father and Son on their joint journey into Masonry along with another candidate. Come out and watch us work and help us grow! 

The Secretary and I are still working on a date for a river cruise open table lodge to honor our Past Masters, our Ladies and our Veterans & First Responders. Stay tuned for more details! 

On July 30th we will be attending a Minor League Baseball game in Norwich. 7:05 start, and it is $1 hot dog night. This is a fund raiser for Coastal Charities. For every $10 ticket sold, we get $5 back. Please see me if you would be willing to help sell some tickets. If you just want to attend the game all officers have tickets to sell. 

August 10/11 we will once again be manning our booth for the Mystic Outdoor Arts Festival. SW Phil Baumann in charge. I hope he has better weather than I did last year. We can always use help for a couple of hour shift, or stop by, buy a hot dog and soda, and enjoy some fellowship. 

August also will see us having a blast at a pigs expense. Yes it is the annual Pig Roast at the lodge on August 24th tickets will be on sale and we are looking forward to seeing as many brothers as possible before the summer starts to wind down. Have a safe and enjoyable summer!!