A word from our Worshipful Master…

April – June 2018

My Brothers,

As I write this during a snow storm, I trust you are safe and comfortable.

Things continue to move along with our construction project. None of this would be possible without the hard work of our building committee. It is a huge undertaking and your dedication and expertise is greatly appreciated.

We will continue to have meal at every meeting. Thank you, WB Phil for  taking the time and effort to make this happen.

We continue to have new candidates and we must continue a rigorous mentoring program, not only to prepare them for degree work but to keep them actively involved and motivated.

As always, I am receptive to any ideas or suggestions you my have to improve our Lodge.

Our next degree will be on April 3rd with dinner at 5:30 and the Degree at 6:30.


Fred R. Driscoll

Worshipful Master

April 3 – Entered Apprentice Degree

(3 candidates)

Dinner 5:30, Degree 6:30

April 10 – fellowship/mentoring and

April 17 – Stated Communication, dinner 6:30, Meeting 7:30

April 24 – FC rehearsal 6:00, Temple Corp Meeting 7:00

May 1 – Stated Communication, dinner 6:30, Meeting 7:30

May 8 – FC rehearsal 1800, fellowship 1900

May 15 – FC Degree, dinner 6:30, degree 7:30

May 22- Temple Corp Meeting 7:00

May 29 – fellowship/mentoring

June 5 – Stated Communication, dinner 1830, Meeting 7:30

June 12 – fellowship/mentoring

June 16 – Pig Roast (details to follow)

June 19 – Stated Communication, dinner 6:30, Meeting 7:30

* All Degree Stated are subject to change depending on proficiency